Hello There, Love. is a blog developed by a girl with a dream.  This blog isn't just a place for me to share with you all the things I love, but it is a place for me to build new friendships, experience new things and start new adventures.

I am happily married to my wonderfully amazing husband, who drives me crazy but I love dearly.  I have two lazy Pitbulls named Karma and Diesel, we just recently purchased our first home and have a little one due in January. 

I love coffee, sweet tea, road trips, naps and amazing food with great company.  

I love to style outfits, I think it is a great expression of who you are.  I love finding the perfect fit, style and material all in one item.  

Perfect Outfit: Ripped Jeans, Converse, Baseball Cap, and the perfect lipstick. 

Perfect Food: Anything Thanksgiving during Fall. Sweet Potato Casserole, Pumpkin Pie, Grandma's Cooking. 

Perfect Day: Any day I spend with my hubby. 

Perfect Animal: Dog